Best Android Apps to backup your photos

As we rely on our phones more and more to replace our cameras, the risk of having you device stolen, lost or damaged beyond use becomes a greater concern. There are a number of different application you can get today that will automatically backup your photos across multiple devices, saving you from the sick feeling you get when you realise that your photos are lost forever, usually whilst you looking down at the ground at your smashed phone through your teary eyes.

Here are some of the best:G

Dropbox :

ropbox is my personal choice for photo backups. You can sync mulitple devices to the one account, including your home computer and laptop. It’s ease of use is second to none. You can setup your mobile devices to automatically backup via WIFI only, saving on data use. Another handy feature for those of you where losing your phone is an annual event, remote wipe! A fantastic solution for at a decent price.
Solution Cost : $10.99 montly for 1Tb.

Bit Torrent Sync :

One of the more advanced solutions, but also free is bit torrent sync. You can setup your app to sync to a home network using the data connection on your phone. This isn’t just for photos either, you can sync any folder you have access to on your phone. You’ll also need to install the desktop app to receive the information from your phone.

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